All the following energy techniques are not just for reiki practioners but will enhance any energy work that you do. Great for Healing work, Meditation, Chi Kung or Tai Chi or just to balance your energetic systems.

Hara Chiryo ho – Tanden Chiryo ho

Hara Chiryo ho is the de-poisoning technique. It is a method that is thought to remove toxins from the body. The hara is thought to be the center of the being. By treating in this fashion you help to “de-poison” toxins from the body. Toxins are often thought of as physical substances, but can also be mental/emotional.
Begin by standing next to the person to be treated. Gassho and calm the mind. Doing the breathing with Gassho technique is a good way to connect to reiki and be mindful. State the intent by saying “I now begin Hara Chiryo ho”. Place one of your hands onto the hara and your other hand on the forehead. Feel the energy in your hands and let it flow. Hold this position until you feel the energy balance
between the hands. Place the hand that is on the forehead onto the hara so that both hands are on the hara. Hold this position for 20 minutes or so, using your intuition to guide you. Finish by doing gassho and giving thanks.

Uchi te, Nada te, Oshi te – patting, stroking, pushing with the hands.

Uchi te Chiryo ho

Uchi te is the technique of patting with the hands. This technique is common to many forms of chi kung (qi gong) and is used to help increase energy flow. It is used where there is numbness or blockage. The force used in patting is light to medium and it is not percussive. It is a soft pat to light slap. The intent of this technique is not to massage the area, but rather to stimulate the body and allow the reiki energy to penetrate into the body.

Nada te Chiryo ho

Nada te is a stroking technique done with the hands. It encourages the energy flow in the body. The hands are placed flat on the body and then moved forward and back or in circles while letting the reiki flow through them which penetrates the body deeply.

Oshi te Chiryo ho

Oshi te is a pushing technique. It is done for stiff areas where there is tightness and causes a loosening. Simply push with the fingertips. Let the reiki energy flow through the tips of the fingers into the stiff areas.

Seiheki Chiryo ho

Seiheki Chiryo-ho is the way of treating habits or natural tendencies. This is used to place a message into the subconscious of the person you are treating. This can be done as a self treatment as well. This technique can be used to overcome bad habits, to focus the mind on something important (such as living the reiki principles), or for achieving a goal.
The first step is to talk to the person to be treated. If the person to be treated is you, it is honest self talk. If you are treating another person discuss with them what it is that they wish to work on. Once you know what it is they wish to accomplish you must develop a simple affirmation(s) that you will use. Affirmations should always be stated in the positive as if they have already occurred. For
example, if they are going to quit smoking you would want to say, “I am smoke free and healthy” rather than “I will stop smoking and feel better”.
Next, have the person to be treated lay down and close their eyes. Instruct them to breath smoothly and slowly through the nose, so that they are calm and
receptive. If you are treating yourself you can lay down or simply sit in a chair. The key here is relaxation.

Do Gassho. Calm your mind. Be mindful. Starting with a breathing with gassho
exercise is helpful to connect to reiki and focus the mind. State your intent by saying to yourself, “I now begin Seiheki Chiryo-ho”.
Place one hand on the forehead and the other hand on the back of the head. I prefer to place my dominant hand on the forehead but this is simply my preference. It feels more “natural” to me.
With the mind focused and clear and with intent less intent ask that the person being treated be free of what you are treating. You then repeat the affirmations you have chosen. This can be done silently to oneself or out loud. Feel the reiki flow knowing it is healing and bringing balance and wholeness.
Remove your hand that is on the forehead while keeping the other hand on the back of the head. Stop repeating the affirmations but continue to let the reiki flow. Stay in this position for several minutes.
Finish by doing Gassho and saying thanks. It is taught that repeated treatments are more beneficial than one, or doing a long treatment.

Japanese Reiki Techniques 4.

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