Practising staying grounded is a very important mainstay of all spiritual and healing work. It is no good at working with energy and higher frequencies if we cannot bring those benefits through into our daily life.

It is also very important in our day to day life and interaction with both others and our environment.

One good way to practice grounding is to stand or sit comfortably in a chair and with your feet firmly placed on the ground. Feel into the soles of both feet. In Chinese energy work there is a very important chakra or energy point called the Yong Quan or “Bubbling Spring point”

You then imagine a golden cord about 2 inches in diameter flowing down into the centre of the Earth from the sole of each foot. You can imagine this golden cord being attached to a beautiful crystal of your choosing, or attached to a golden anchor deep within the Earth. It is always the intent that powers and manifests Our Creative abilities. So, whatever works for you will be perfect and manifest.

Just relax and trust any sensations you may experience. It will be extremely beneficial if you do this quick and simple exercise several times a day. And most importantly, before and after exercise, energy work, meditation, sleep or deep relaxation.

If it is possible doing this exercise outdoors, with your feet upon grass or bare earth will give you even greater benefits.

I hope you find this short post empowering. LOVE, Jules.


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