Egyptian Cartouche.

The Egyptian cartouche is made up of twenty-five initiations. Each initiation is an attunement to an archetypal symbol or energy used in Ancient Egypt. Each archetype has it’s own specific energy or vibration.
When the symbols are worked with energetically or meditated upon they can bring out the characteristics of that particular vibration or quality deep within us, allowing us to channel that energy.

For example we can call upon the energy of Horus and experience or call forth the qualities and characteristics of physical healing, courage and heroism. These energies will work on whatever level they are needed most. For example the Earth energies work best on physical conditions. The Water energies work best with emotions. The Air energies work best on the mental levels, Fire energies work best on the spiritual level, and for issues and blockages affecting our core belief system. The Ether energies work best for issues and blockages held within the aura, such as past life trauma and karma.

The twenty-five initiations have been divided into five sets of five each. Each set represents Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether respectively. With each symbol and initiation there is a short disruption of the energies and qualities of the archetype being channeled. It is highly recommended that you meditate and experience each of the twenty-five archetypes to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of how they may work with and for you.

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