Power Symbol.

This symbol can best be described as the power switch. It also focuses the energy in a particular location. It should be used to empower the other symbols.



Reiki SEI- HE- KE

Mental emotional symbol.
Sei-he-ki is a symbol that we can use for emotional
healing, it can also be used for purification, protection and clearing. Most of the physical manifestations of pain and dis-ease can be linked to the emotions. It is here in the emotional body that lots of painful memories are held, and unless we can begin to release them a physical symptom will begin to manifest itself.

The sei-he-ki is then a very useful tool that we can use for ourselves and for others to help to start to clear the root cause of a problem. It can help us to grow and to let go of things that are holding us back if we are ready.
Personal growth is really a letting go of the things that we no longer need, and making a space in our lives for more light to flow in.

The sei-he-ki can also be used for protection and clearing. I personally use this symbol for cleaning crystals, and it can be used to cleanse, purify and protect any thing that you wish. You can use it on your pets,
jewellery, Food, water, your home, your car, the only limitations are up to you.
To use the sei-he-ki symbol we first draw the chu-ku-rei symbol to connect us with the
source of the REIKI energy and then draw the sei-he-ki over that that we wish to use the energies upon. The sei-he-ki symbol can be used to clear negative thought patterns and emotions. It can also help you to release addictive behavior.




Distance/ Time Space Symbol.

This symbol collapses time and space. It’s most common uses in sending distance healing. It also access the mental body.
HON-centre, essence, intrinsic, origin.
ZE-Advancing, evolving, on the correct path.
SHO-Target, objective, honest being, sage, integrity.
NEN-Stillness, thinking in the deep part of the mind.

This symbol collapses time and space, and is most often used in distance healing.
By using this symbol it is possible to send REIKI into the past, or into the future and into other dimensions. It can be used to send REIKI energy to any situation no matter where or when.


Some uses for Reiki Symbols.

Clearing crystals with REIKI. Crystals love the REIKI energy, and it makes a nice way of loving and caring for any crystals that you feel drawn to work with. To clean and charge a crystal with REIKI, first use the sei-he-ki symbol. Draw the sei-he-ki over your chosen crystal let the symbol sink in and repeat the process until you feel the crystal is cleansed.
Next draw the chu-ku-rei symbol over the crystal and channel the REIKI energy into the crystal until you feel that it is charged up with energy. You can also dedicate your crystals for specific purposes such as, healing, love or abundance. You can give crystals to people in need of healing to. You can also draw the hon-sha-ze-sho-nen symbol on the crystal if you give it as a gift for people needing healing.

You can also raise the vibration and energy of food and drink in the same way. Draw the chu-ku-rei symbol over your food and drink and say thank you for the food. You can also draw the sei-he-ki over food if you think that is not very fresh or of a poor quality. But don’t depend totally on REIKI if you are not sure then don’t eat it.
The hon-sha-ze-sho-nen symbol is very useful for clearing karmic attachments from the past. If you are troubled by something that you just cannot shift, then sending the hon-sha-ze-sho-nen symbol into the past and asking that this problem now be healed and released can be very useful.

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