Seichem is a living light energy and when a person is able to channel Seichem they are able to call in the energies of the four elements. That is (Usui) Reiki (which is connected to the Earth energy of the Earth, not from it, Sakara (Fire), Sophi-el (Water) and Angelic Light (Air/ Ether).

So the Reiki comes from the element Earth the ground that we walk upon is simply a third dimensional manifestation of the earth element, which pervades the entire universe through all dimensions.

The energy of this ray Reiki runs hot or cold, just like the surface of our planet, and forms a base through which the other elemental rays can work. An interesting point is that while traditionally a variety of hand positions are taught in the Reiki first degree, the most effective hand positions are those where the hands lie parallel to the earth. Other characteristics of earth energy are those of grounding and foundation.

Because of these properties, Reiki is fundamental to all the other elemental healing rays. In Japan a hundred years ago, men referred to themselves as Reiki Masters because they had command over all of the elements, the same four elements that comprise our physical bodies. Today what we know of as Reiki refers to the healing ray within elemental Earth alone.

Therefore the fundamental differences between Reiki and Seichem is that firstly, Seichem incorporates the other three elements, and secondly, it works on an even deeper level. Whereas Reiki energy runs either hot or cold, Seichem seems to sparkle like effervescent bubbles.

The Elemental healing rays.

REIKI Is connected with the earth element and, as we have already seen this energy can be experienced as either hot or cold. Reiki can benefit physical, mental and emotional health, and forms a base through which the other elemental rays can work.

EARTH Is a generous element, slowly forming and reforming al the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. It is grounding and brings stability, ancient wisdom and power into our lives. Introducing earth into your home will generate an energy that is serene and stable. Salt is one of the most effective ways to do this. Crystals and semi-precious stones also introduce the earth element. The astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are responsible, reliable, organized, self-sufficient and loyal.

SAKARA-Seichem plays on the outskirts of a larger ray which in full manifestation, comes in like a sparkling rainbow or colour. This energy is called Sakara. It is connected to the element of fire and brings a rainbow of protective light which surrounds the aura. One of the properties of fire is transformation, and Sakara burns through and transforms blockages and resistance in the physical, mental, emotional and other spiritual bodies. Sakara further aids in pranic healing,and balances the auric field. Prana is the vital universal energy that surrounds us and sustains life. In pranic healing one uses what the Taoists would call chi to clean the meridians, aura and chakra’s. Afterwards the healer would then project Prana or chi and healing colour to the client. Typically we bring in energy through our left hand and foot, and out through our right hand and foot Which is where the terms receiving (left) and sending (right) comes from. By using Sakara in the aura above the body, we can reverse the flow by bringing healing energy in through our right foot and hand, across each chakra, and out through the left hand and foot. The effects is as if we were to suddenly reverse a river releasing toxins and blockages. Sakara is experienced as hot and tingling, like a mild electrical current.

FIRE Is the only element which purifies without becoming contaminated itself. Lightening and electricity are fire. The Sun is fire and without its heat and light there would be no life upon Earth as we know it. Fire can be used to enhance life or destroy it. You can bring the fire element into your home by lighting candles. The astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are enthusiastic, joyous, creative, natural leaders and original thinkers.

SOPHI-EL Is both gentle and persistent like the water from which it comes. This rays colour includes all the various hues of silver, plus white and the velvet black of the void. The Great Void or great mystery is black like the universal womb from which the light emerges, without black there is no light. Sophi-el reaches deep within the emotional body to find the core, cause and effect of the disturbance. It can be experienced as a gentle wave like coolness, or as an intense cold like ice. Sophi-el aids emotional and sexual healing and opens the heart to receive more love and to feel compassion. It also increases the healers physic awareness; this increase in intuitive abilities aids the healer in visualizing and receiving physic impressions while they are working. This does not mean that we can avoid doing the inner work, rays of healing are not a quick fix, they will bring up deep, buried issues for you to work with, which in many cases are the cause of the illness we manifest. Sophi-el in combination with the other rays of healing, can remove the spot and bring in the energies of joy and that feeling that you deserve to be happy. Sophi-el will defuse outrages anger if the individual is willing to let light into the dark. When all four elemental rays are used together the negative energy has nowhere to hide, once we let Love and Light in and feel the emotional dis-ease then we will heal our physical bodies.

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