Reiki can best be described as a channelled energy. Once we have been attuned to its flow we can then call down the energy and channel it with our intent.

When you receive a Reiki attunement your energy channels are opened to enable you to pass a higher amount of energy through your energy system.

The attunement works by giving you a key to enable you to connect into the divine energy that surrounds everything. It is a limitless source on which we can call. There are many ways to connect with energy, you can do it by meditation, yoga ,chi kung, prayer, and invocation, what the Reiki attunement does is to give you a very easy method of calling on healing energy.

The attunement opens the channels that already exist in your energy field and body and slowly cleanses and purifies these channels so that you can channel increasingly larger amounts of energy safely and easy. It works at a very subtle level slowly bringing out the divine essence deep within so you make progress on you’re chosen path.

It is very powerful but so gentle, never causing you more change than you can deal with at the present moment, yet slowly but surely spurring you on. It is wonderful to help you heal areas in your life, for helping you to let go of past issues, and holding patterns.

It is a first step on a journey that will lead you to your full flowering. It can do as much or as little for you as you like, you are in charge and the Reiki will help you if you want it to.


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