White Dragon Reiki connects you to the spirit of dragons, particularly the
White Dragon. This Dragon is the Dragon of purification, cleansing, and
protection from negative energies and entities. The White Dragon clears
your path, removes blockages in your energies and energy fields. The
White Dragon heals sorrow, regrets, guilt, and all negative emotions within
your being and energy fields. The White Dragon, then fills each chakra with
pure love and light to bring peace, love, light, harmony, and happiness into
your life. The White Dragon is so highly connected to Spirit and The
Creative Source that you will feel a very beautiful, loving, energy as the
White Dragon works to purify, cleanse, and heal you in body, mind, and

The White Dragon comes through as a very powerful being that carries the
white light of Spirit. The energies are masculine in that there is a strong
courage, strength, and power that is more aggressive than is normally
associated with femininity. The White Dragon is a definite presence to be
reckoned with should any negative energy confront him.
The White Dragon radiates purity and truth, wisdom and honor, and the
white light pulls out negativity which may be attached to your energies
fields. The White Dragon draws out anything negative or that is not for your
highest good that may be clinging to your energies, body, or spirit.
Often, we can pick up negative energies from others without any
knowledge of it. It is as though these negative energies just are drawn to
and cling to you. This can happen when you are working with others, as in
holistic healing or the medical profession very easily. But you may be in
any profession. Any time you are around someone who is feeling
depressed, or just down, or unhappy, angry, or upset in any way, these
negative emotions which are so powerful can attach to you, drain your
energies, and cling to you. Over time, this can build up and wear your
resistance down to illness or disease. It is very important to keep your
energy field – physical, mental, and spiritual all cleansed regularly and
protected from the influences of others and any attachments of any kind.
Your chakras may become clogged, out of sequence, sluggish, or even
swing into the opposite direction and begin to spin backward, too fast, or
The energies of the White Dragon are powerful and easy to use to cleanse,
clear, and purify your chakras or that of others. It only takes a few minutes
and there is a complete clearing of negative energies.

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