Seichem is a living light energy and when a person is able to channel Seichem they are able to call in the energies of the four elements. That is (Usui) Reiki (which is connected to the Earth energy of the Earth, not from it, Sakara (Fire), Sophi-el (Water) and Angelic Light (Air/ Ether).

You will receive a very detailed manual which i ask that you read through thoroughly. If you have any questions or need anything clarifying then please do contact me.

The second attunement builds upon the foundation of the first level. The second attunement gives you a further two symbols to work with, and allows you to send distance healing. It also builds upon the energy, allowing for an increased amount of healing energy to be channeled.
The second level attunement will start a twenty-one day cleansing cycle and help to raise your vibration to a higher level. The second level will move your healing abilities forward. You may become aware of healing guides coming in to work with you during healing’s. You may find that you begin to receive teachings in your dreams, and that you are able to enter into deeper states of meditation more easily. You of course have free will in these matters and if you are not ready for this to happen, and do not want to get deeper into spiritual growth you do not have to. Rest assured that if you are ready the Seichem attunements will help you greatly upon your path of personal and spiritual growth.

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