When you receive the master attunement you will begin to start a twenty one day cleansing and clearing cycle, as before this is nothing to worry about, and indeed its a very good time to let go of anything that you feel that you no
longer need. So just relax and trust.

During this attunement you will be given the REIKI master symbol the DAI-KOO-MYO pronounced die-koh-me-oh. This symbol connects us with the divinity that lies within us, and brings the universal energy to us as a gift. The Dai-Koo-Myo can be used to empower situations and in passing the REIKI attunements.

You will receive a very detailed manual which i ask that you read through thoroughly. If you have any questions or need anything clarifying then please do contact me.

I will prepare your attunement for you by the Chi Ball method. This means that you can call it in at a time that is most suitable for yourself. I will also email you a certificate and a linage list that you can print out.

The whole attunement takes about 20 minutes to complete so please allow 30 minutes in total. Please ensure that you will not be disturbed at all during this time. You may wish to sit in a meditative position, on a firm supportive chair or lie down in a comfortable place. Prepare your space by lighting a candle and ask that Your Guides and Angels enter your space to assist you for your highest good and outcome.
I will prepare your distance attunement by the Chi Ball method.
So when you feel ready to accept the attunement please state “I now call in my Reiki Master and Teacher Degree attunement from Julian Hobbs”
Afterwards you might like to give your self a self-healing; using the hand positions in the manual or simply relax and let the energies flow. Whatever you feel is best will be perfect for you.
After the attunement you might begin a mild cleansing period as the energy flows through each of your Chakra’s, releasing and removing blockages. This might manifest as cold like symptoms, tiredness of a change in bowel habits. Please be assured this will only last a very short time. Giving your-self a daily self healing treatment will assist greatly at this time.
Please enjoy your connection to this wonderful healing energy.

Please note the pre-requisites for attunements:-


Usui Teacher  Master- Must be previously attuned to Usui Reiki Level One and Level Two.

Cost is £175  payable by Paypal

Reiki Master and Teacher Degree.




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