This technique uses the Tibetan master symbol DAI-KO-MIO, and produces a charge of energy. A wonderful way to start your day or before doing healing work, meditation or passing attunements.

1. Stand up straight.

2. Locate the energy point on the shoulder blade, around four inches in from the shoulder joint.

3. Massage this point with a steady finger pressure, using a clockwise motion for about one minute. At the same time visualise the Tibetan master symbol DAI-KO-MIO, and chant it’s sacred name in mantra fashion.

4. Repeat the process on the other shoulder.

5. Repeat the previous two steps three and four, another two times, so that part has been performed three times.

6. Make a fist with the dominant hand, and gently tap the centre of the chest for about one minute. Once again visualise the Tibetan DAI-KO-MIO symbol whilst doing this, and chant it’s sacred name.
This final step stimulates the thymus gland, which aids the energising process.

Tibetan Reiki Enegising Exercise.

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