This exercise is not a part of REIKI practice, but it’s form is recognized within the white eagle lodge as the tree of life, and in martial arts practices as drawing down the sun.

The intent is to create a bridge between the earth plane and the spiritual using the body. Drawing the earth energy upwards and dispersing it outwards empowers each individual chakra. This exercise makes a good starting point for a workshop class. All breathing is through the mouth.

1. Stand with the feet shoulder width apart, and facing the sun, the moon, or the dawn as appropriate.

2. Raise your arms over your head, and form a triangle with the forefingers and thumbs of both hands. Use this triangle to frame the sun, or moon and focus it’s energy into your third eye.

3. Bend down and allow your arms to drop in front of you, dragging the knuckles on the ground.

4. Then straighten up whilst taking a deep breath. As you do so intend that you are drawing power from the earth with your breath, pulling the energy up through your chakras.

5. As your hands reach your jaw, exhale forcefully, blowing into your palms. Continue to move your hands upwards beyond your crown chakra and outwards in a circular fashion.

6. Take an in breath as you bring your hands to your heart chakra level. Place hand over hand, with palms facing downwards, and push the palms to the base chakra level whilst blowing out gently.

7. Repeat the previous steps three, four, five and six, six more times to make a total of seven times, one for each chakra.


Self Empowerment Exercise.

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