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Welcome to my website about Reiki and Energy Healing. All I have studied has been of tremendous benefit to both myself and those around me. My family, my friends, my students and all those I have been graced to share time and experiences with.
There is so much knowledge, wisdom and tools here to assist us become Self Realised and to express Our Divine Essence and each and everyone plays our part in the unfolding of Humanity and our Mother Earth.

Reiki and Energy Healing is needed more than ever to restore Balance, Harmony and Love to all of Mankind and our Beloved Planet Earth.

Your comments and feedback are always gratefully recieved so please let me know if there is anything you would like to add or see added to the website. If there is anything you wish to share, Reiki links, Resources or information, please contact me. Reiki has benefited  Myself, My Family, My Students and those that have taught me so much, its a great pleasure to share for everyone.

My intent has always been to share as much content about reiki and energy healing as i can and spread this great empowering modalaity to as many people as fell drawn to it.

I hope that you find the information presented here both helpful and enlightening.